Han Sen is the main protagonist of Super Gene. He found a black crystal of the size of pigeon egg. This particular black crystal helped in the evolution of a creature. According to many people Han Sen has amazing judgement and prediction skills.(if u wanna learn more or talk about it with people join r/supergene on reddit then join the discord)

Appearance[edit | edit source]

  • Under 6ft6inches
  • Slim
  • Skin as smooth as jade (because of several hyper geno arts)
  • Black hair (white when super god spirit body is active)
  • Black eyes (white when super god spirit body is active)
  • Little red mole left side of penis. (Said by father)
  • White

Personality[edit | edit source]

Han Sen has a calm and calculating personality. From the begining of the series you won't see Han Sen do anything without considering the consequences. Whenever he performs an act that can reflect negatively on him, his family and extended family he takes up the guise of Dolar. As Dollar he is often more domineering and cruel.

Han Sen is a family man above all. In the early chapters his main driving factor was to be the provider of his family. During his adventure through the sanctuaries he makes a lot of friends and meets the love of his life. Jinren, he gets a biological son and daughter and adopts a humanoid creature he named baoer as his daughter.

In Han Sen's rise to the top he has learned the value of strength and developed to be fairly greed. He, however, is seen giving up items he fought for to close family and his close friends. He usually justifies it to himself by calculating what their power bring him or the other family members.

it is also in his nature to keep as much of his card covered and be underestimated by new opponents. Jugelij g his secrets between his identities seems to be second nature. If Han Sen maats an enemy that beats him or is a threat to him he does not hesitate to run away. He does hold grudges longer then is actually healthy. If some one is harms him or his family that person will be dealt with.


Abilities[edit | edit source]

He is a genius, capable of copying moves while in combat, amazing at archery and has perfect assassination skills. He has amazing judgment and prediction skills.

History[edit | edit source]

Han Sen's father died due to a car accident and his father's company acquired by the Starry Group. During this time his other family members treated them harshly.

Han Sen is the spokesperson for the SKTS series made by Digang. He became the head of the of the special squad after Qin Xuan left the first shelter of God's Sanctuary.

The Great-grandson of Han Jingzhi, who is part of the elite 7th exploration.

His skills and his thinking capabilities have been trained by his mother secretly.

First ever human deified and one of the strongest deified in the Geno Universe.

Plot[edit | edit source]

When Han Sen enters the 1st God's Sanctuary he meets Qin Xuan who was in shape shifting for and by mistake stabs her back. from then he is called Ass freak. Then he goes on and discovers a black crystal inside a black beetle(sacred creature). he soons finds out that the black crystal can help in leveling up a creature.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"Not bad. You survived a serious strike from me." — Han Sen to Yo Dongmu (Ch. 104)

"Is this place dangerous?" — Han Sen

"What just happened?" — Han Sen

"Your smile is eternal." — Han Sen

"I am the greatest of my league." — Han Sen

"Eyes were built to watch things of beauty; I cannot ignore their desires." — Han Sen

"Even the god's come to seek for my blessing." — Han Sen

References[edit | edit source]


  • The Ji family provided Han Sen with a few separate choices, each of which pleased him. He decided to accept five percent of shares in Sky Technology. (From sale of 2nd Sanctuary 1st gen life essence)
  • Deal with Tang Zhenliu, by selling him the Life Geno Essence. The Tang family gifted him ownership of a whole rare metal mine. It was not Z-steel, but the Z-alloy you could get from the mine was quite important to have.
  • Chapter 428
  • Chapter 882
  • Chapter 1338
  • Chapter 293
  • Chapter 756
  • Chapter 923
  • Chapter 956
  • 2m is an average human height in SG
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